Data Mining Services

The key to growing and thriving in this competitive world is knowledge discovery from the sea of data. The valuable insights derived by analysing data enable you to make future-focused and fail-proof business strategies. We derive meaningful insights by digging deep into data to help businesses make informed and timely business decisions. We help them reveal hidden information in large data sets and transform the data into a meaningful structure of information that is helpful in doing business and in revenue growth and cost-cutting.

The Need to Outsource Data Mining Services

Understanding your data and deriving valuable information from it leads to better decision making, higher customer satisfaction, quality in processes, lower costs, and higher revenues. However, data mining is a resource-draining process and, when done in-house, can consume resources, time, and money. Moreover, any errors or inaccuracies in data mining can result in incorrect outcomes that can deviate a company from achieving its desired goals. Instead, engaging a professional data mining company helps companies free their resources and provides the businesses with valuable insights with a faster turnaround time.

We at eData Infinity have a team of competent professionals who assist you in managing and extracting relevant information from raw data of any size with faster turnaround times. We provide effective business intelligence services through mining databases using classification, clustering, regression, and pattern recognition. In addition, we offer advanced data mining techniques. Therefore, outsourcing data mining lets you focus on your core business activities.

eData Infinity’s Data Mining Services

We at eData Infinity have a robust data mining process and follow all standards and steps involved in mining data. We use advanced mining techniques and the latest technologies for any industry of any size. In addition, we have qualified and experienced hands having extensive experience in this process across different industry verticals. As a result, our experts can discover challenges, frauds, risks, upsides, and downsides and help you make feasible decisions. Our data mining process includes steps as follows:

  • Data Collection & Integration 
  • Identification and selection of useful data 
  • Application of the latest techniques and technologies to clean data 
  • Transformation of data (Smoothing, Aggregation & Normalization, etc.) 
  • Data mining (Clustering and Association Analysis etc.) 
  • Pattern evaluation & knowledge presentation (Visualization, Transformation, Removing redundant patterns, etc.) 
  • Helping users to make use of the knowledge acquired.

What Benefits eData Infinity Offers

We provide world-class data mining and analysis services through a dedicated team of professionals who enable businesses to retrieve valuable insights from diverse, massive datasets. We have been helping companies uncover analytics and insights to address business problems and overcome challenges without investing in building in-house data mining competencies. Our services are highly cost-effective and add value to clients’ operations. The benefits we offer include:

  • A trustworthy outsourcing experience with customized backup 
  • Reduce the cost by 65% to 75% with top quality 
  • Quality analysis & high accuracy level 
  • Transparent privacy & security policies 
  • Completion of project in a timely manner
  • Free trial of 7-8 hours to new clients 
  • 24/7 customer support 

Why Should You Choose eData Infinity for Data Mining Services?

We at eData Infinity leverage our nine years of experience in data mining to help businesses grow by enabling them to convert their raw data into precious and valuable information. We have an exceptional and experienced team that stays abreast with the latest data mining technologies and techniques. 

✔️ Professional Team

We have a team of talented, experienced, and result-oriented data mining professionals who can easily handle any data size and derive valuable insights to help businesses grow and thrive.

✔️ Fast Turnaround Time

We complete projects within the stipulated time. In fact, our turnaround time is amongst the best in the industry, and we offer a 100% on-time delivery guarantee.

✔️ Data Security

We have various security systems in place to keep your data secure. Our facilities are highly safe for data storage and processing and have secure data transfer methods. In addition, we have world-class in-house security procedures to provide you with a risk-free data mining service.

✔️ Multiple formats

You can access the data mining reports in multiple data formats like Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, XML, etc.

✔️ Cost-Effectiveness

Our data mining services are highly cost-effective. You can reduce your data mining costs by 65 to 75% by hiring our services.

✔️ Quality Control Processes

We at eData Infinity have stringent quality control processes in place to ensure the final output is of impeccable quality and accuracy.

 How Much Would It Cost to Outsource Data Mining Services to eData Infinity?

We know pricing is a critical aspect of any project. You can reduce 65-75% of data mining costs with our data mining services yet have best-in-class quality. The price differs from project to project and depends on the extent, involvement, volume, complexity, and time involved in the completion of the project. However, we offer discounts on weekly rates and deals of up to 20-25% on a monthly basis. You can check our pricing page to know more about costs. In addition, you can get in touch with the eData Infinity team via email at or through live chat.

How to Outsource Data Mining Services to eData Infinity India

We offer a 7-8 hours free trial to let companies assess our skills, techniques, and experience. So, if you are ready to convert your raw data into valuable insights, you can contact us by filling out the form.

You can get in touch with the eData Infinity team via email at or call us directly at +91-11-27569422.

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