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As businesses become more competitive, it has become imperative for companies to focus on their core businesses. Our back-office support solutions are designed to help manage data, administrative duties, office tasks, and other operational tasks. We at eData Infinity enable you to focus on your core business functions.

Our smart back-office solutions blend experience and expertise to support your organization’s back-office needs. As a result, we ensure your back-office operations run effectively and help you improve your contact center’s KPIs and minimize costs. 

We provide integrated and end-to-end back office outsourcing solutions to companies across various industries. We offer custom-made, reliable, and cost-effective back-office support solutions that enable companies to optimize their operations and deliver better customer experiences. 

Our team leverages its deep knowledge and experience to provide back-office support services that improve the functioning of your business. Our qualified professionals offer the best backend support to engage with customers. Our services include order processing, live chat support, virtual assistance, email support, and other basic back-office support such as data entry, catalog processing, and data processing services. 

We understand that back-office operations impact a business’s bottom line; therefore, we have highly skilled and trained staff for performing these functions. In addition, our team provides robust back-office support for processing all the paperwork and meeting all requirements related to compliance and regulation. We also ensure you can smoothly perform your day-to-day business operations. We enable you to scale your business effectively and reduce overhead costs. 

Our extensive industry experience lets us provide businesses with custom back-office support services tailored to their specific business needs. In addition, we offer world-class back office support services that help companies improve business productivity, enhance their bottom line, and focus on their core business functions. By delegating these crucial yet secondary business functions to our trained and experienced personnel, you and your team may spend more time on the most vital aspects of your company’s operations and grow your business. 

Simplifying Back Office Operations

Our back-office solutions are designed to assist with administering the company’s day-to-day operations. We simplify processes and ensure your team always has access to data in real-time and quickly. We do an in-depth analysis of your business needs and provide custom-made solutions. 

Our Services

We offer a diverse range of back-office support services which are highly cost-effective. Our services include:

✔️ Order processing 

Ensure the best quality order processing service with edataInfinity.

✔️ Live chat support

Get High-quality Live Chat Support At EdataInfinity.

✔️ Virtual assistance 

Get the best Qualify Virtual Assistance with EdataInfinity.

✔️ Email support

Email Support Service for your business, Ensure good quality email support at edatainfinity.

✔️ Data entry

Outsource data entry service with edataInfinity

✔️ Catalog processing

Outsource monotonous catalog processing work of your business to edataInfinity.

✔️ Data processing services

Ensure world class data processing service with EdataInfinity.

Benefits of Outsourcing Back-Office Support to Us

We are a trusted and reliable partner providing excellent back-office support services to ensure well-run operations. We help you manage your business functions effectively and efficiently and increase your output. Here are some of the benefits of outsourcing back-office support services to us:

✔️ Reduced Operational Costs

Outsourcing your back-office support functions to us will help you reduce your operational costs, infrastructural costs, and human resources costs and better manage your business operations. Our services scale as per your business to enhance your productivity and efficiency. We have highly skilled staff who has expertise in handling back-office operations which further minimizes your overheads and optimizes your overall expenditure. 

✔️ Higher Service Quality

We are a leading back-office support provider; therefore, you will get best-in-class quality and services. Moreover, we also free you from the hassles of finding and retaining the right talent. So, instead of spending resources on managing all back-office operations, you can outsource them to us and be sure of high quality. 

✔️ Boost in Productivity

We provide best-in-class back-office support solutions that help organizations improve business productivity, enhance their bottom line, and focus on their core business functions. Moreover, outsourcing back-office functions to us free your staff to focus on crucial tasks. Since your staff is no longer required to do monotonous tasks, it also enhances their productivity. 

✔️ Focus on Core Business

By delegating this vital function to our trained and experienced personnel, you and your team can spend more time on the most crucial aspects of your operations and focus on growing your business. In addition, focusing more on your core functions will enable you to scale your business and gain a competitive edge faster.

✔️ State-of-the-Art Technology

We leverage the most advanced technology and platforms, which improves your business efficiency and response time and strengthens your business processes.

✔️ Ease of Scaling

Our back-office support services are highly scalable, agile, reliable, and secure. In addition, our services can be scaled as your business scales. So, you only have to focus on growing your business, and we will take care of everything else. 

Planning to Outsource Your Back-Office Operations?

Do get in touch with us for your back-office support services requirements at We are committed to giving you a better outsourcing experience at an affordable cost.

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