How To Improve Order Fulfillment Service Of Any Ecommerce Website

How To Improve Order Fulfillment Service Of Any Ecommerce Website?

Order fulfillment is one of the most important aspects of eCommerce business. Obtaining, processing, and delivering the order in the right way is important for building lasting relationships with the customer.

Here are Some Ways to Fast Track The Ecommerce Order Fulfillment:

1) Pick the Right Solution for Order Fulfillment

The growth of the eCommerce business also results in an increase in daily orders and a rise in the inventory count. This is why it becomes important to choose the right order fulfillment solution. The automated solutions cost more but they are worth every dime spent. They can establish smooth communication with other solutions and offer enhanced order fulfillment. They also help you optimize dynamic slotting and order batching.

2) Set up The Order Profiles

For an effective fulfillment process, the eCommerce company needs to handle large volumes of data. The data processing is either done manually or with the help of an automated system. It is important to have a proper mechanism for data collection and analysis. This helps in identifying the demand and supply patterns and to make strategies accordingly. The data can thus be used to create order profiles.

3) Train The Employees in More Than One Skill

Over a period, the demands for the products sway and thus it becomes difficult to manage the business effectively. At certain times you may need a larger workforce in order to take care of the order fulfillment. This is why it is a good idea to cross-train the employees from other departments in the order fulfillment process so that they can be utilized during times of high demand.

4) Maintain Accuracy of the Orders

The inaccuracy in the orders often leads to many problems that are both tangible and intangible in nature. It is best to invest in an automated fulfillment system as it offers more accuracy. Most good quality automated systems are nearly 100% accurate with orders. Manual systems are often prone to human errors and thus discrepancies. Using the automated system gives you an edge over the competition.

5) Expand The Delivery Window

One huge benefit of online shopping to consumers is that it is available around the clock. A user can choose the time most convenient for him or her. So, to fast-track your order fulfillment it would be a good idea to push the cut-off time and also make room for the orders made at the last moment. Also, make sure that the inventory is up to date.

6) Identify The Impact of Product Return

However bad product returns may sound, it is extremely important for an eCommerce company to have a clear return policy in place as part of the order fulfillment process. Return of items shouldn’t really have to cost you extra. If you are able to analyze the cost associated with the returns, you can build it into the pricing and minimize the losses.

7) Hire The Best

To speed up the order fulfillment process, you need to hire skilled employees and talented managers. The right combination of skills and expertise goes a long way in making the order fulfillment process effective. Even if you are choosing an automated system, you need the right people who can deploy it properly.

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